Trolls sent her hateful messages after she revealed her pregnancy – then she shares what she went through

Triumph over Tragedy: The Inspirational Journey of Jessica Quinn

An Unexpected Setback in Childhood

“Making the best of a bad situation” is a common adage, but it’s easier said than done. Jessica Quinn, however, turned this aphorism into her life’s motto, finding resilience and courage amidst adversity. Despite the challenges she faced in her childhood and the occasional hurtful comments, she has learned to live a life filled with positivity and purpose.


In her childhood, Jessica was a vivacious and active 8-year-old girl, who loved to play sports. Everything changed when she tried to balance on a soccer ball, took a fall, and broke her femur.

“I was having fun outside with my sister, showing off my balancing skills on a soccer ball. Unfortunately, I lost my balance, fell, and broke my femur bone.” she recalled. Despite a swift hospital admission and subsequent surgery, the broken bone failed to heal for several months, leaving Jessica in unbearable pain.

The Diagnosis and The Fight

Doctors were baffled at her condition, leading them to conduct additional tests. That’s when they discovered Jessica had osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer typically found in growing bones.

Jessica underwent aggressive chemotherapy, resulting in severe weight loss. “The chemotherapy was the only viable way to eradicate the cancer and save my life,” Jessica said. The complications of her broken leg and the insertion of rods in her femur bone ruled out any possibility of bone replacement. The priority became survival, not limb conservation.

The Difficult Decision

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Faced with two options for surgery, Jessica and her family had to make a difficult decision. The first option was a full hip disarticulation, a high-level amputation that would not allow for a prosthetic knee joint. Given Jessica’s active lifestyle and desire for normalcy, this option was less appealing.

The second option was a pioneering surgery technique known as rotationplasty, a procedure that removes the cancerous middle part of a leg, rotates it 180 degrees, and reattaches it to the thigh. This allows the ankle to serve as the knee joint and the calf to serve as the thigh. Jessica was the first person in New Zealand to successfully undergo this type of amputation.

Embracing Her New Reality

Jessica spent the ensuing years learning to live her life to its fullest potential. She regained her self-confidence and became an inspiration to millions. Today, she is a prominent athlete, model, and social media influencer, boasting a following of nearly one million on TikTok.

“I felt a need to challenge the media’s portrayal of a ‘perfect body.’ I longed to see real bodies like mine being represented,” Jessica shared with the New Zealand Herald.

In one of her popular videos, she candidly addresses the question of insecurities. She shows herself initially hiding her prosthetic leg, followed by proudly showing it off. This transformation serves as an example of her journey from self-consciousness to self-confidence.

Dancing with the Stars and Beyond


Her journey also led her to participate in Dancing with the Stars, where she raised $55,000 for New Zealand’s Child Cancer Foundation. She acknowledged the difficulty she experienced, “Walking is a challenge for me, let alone dancing. But seeing the impact my story has had on these kids who ask for photos with me is absolutely rewarding.”

Jessica frequently shares her life’s journey on social media, with posts often seen by over one million people. She celebrated the 21st anniversary of her life-saving amputation by reflecting on the extraordinary life she has led since then.

Rising Above Negativity

Despite the inspiration she provides to many, Jessica also faces unkind comments on social media. Responding to negative comments about her pregnancy, she said, “I honestly do not let comments like this bring me down. I am truly proud of my body and my journey. These comments only surface when my videos go viral, which shows we cannot judge a book by its cover.”

Jessica’s supporters have rallied around her, expressing their admiration for her resilience and positivity. She serves as an enduring inspiration, embodying the saying, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

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