Baby With Red Birthmark Called ‘Hideous’ And ‘Defective’, But Wait Till You See This Beautiful Kid Now

Angelica, a baby born in 2018, had a heart-shaped port wine stain birthmark on her face that made her unique and beautiful. However, some people on the internet made hurtful remarks about her appearance, calling her “hideous” and a “defect.”

Angelica’s family, determined to help her embrace her natural beauty, encouraged her to accept herself as she is. Angelica’s mother, Marianna, even painted her daughter’s face to match her birthmark, hoping to uplift her spirits.

Despite people suggesting that the birthmark would fade or could be covered with makeup in the future, Marianna felt that it was important for Angelica to embrace her distinct features. The comments served as a reminder of society’s standards of beauty, but Angelica’s loved ones supported her in loving herself just as she is.

They would sometimes even put glitter on her birthmark to make it shine. Marianna emphasized that Angelica is healthy, though regular check-ups, particularly for her eyes, are important due to potential glaucoma risks associated with such birthmarks. Angelica’s journey towards self-acceptance and love for her birthmark is admirable, and she is undoubtedly a beautiful young lady.

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