Woman Turns Boeing Plane Into Fully Functional Home

Unique Home Transformation: From Decommissioned Boeing 727 to Lavish Mansion

A Unique Living Solution

As unconventional housing options gain popularity, such as buses, small houses, and shipping containers, one woman had already embarked on a one-of-a-kind living journey long before it became trendy.

A Fresh Start

In 1993, Jo Ann Ussery’s home in Benoit, Mississippi was destroyed, leaving her with the challenge of finding a new place to live for herself and her two children. Facing financial constraints, she considered the option of living in a trailer. However, the cost of a suitable trailer for her family was beyond her means.

An Innovative Idea

Ussery’s brother-in-law, Bob, who worked as an air traffic controller, suggested a unique solution – living in an airplane. Intrigued by the idea, she explored the possibility further. Bob located a decommissioned Boeing 727 that was slated for dismantling, and Ussery immediately fell in love with the idea. The best part? The entire plane, including shipping costs, was available for just $2,000.

Transforming the Boeing 727

With determination and creativity, Ussery invested less than $30,000 (equivalent to around $60,000 today) in refurbishing the plane into her dream home. To stabilize the aircraft while she worked on the interior, she positioned it with the nose overlooking a nearby lake. This required using a substantial amount of concrete to secure the tail.

Inside the Boeing 727, Ussery undertook a complete demolition, paving the way for a remarkable makeover. The plane’s 138-foot length featured 76 windows, although they were non-operational, thanks to the installed air conditioning.

As part of the renovation, she focused on upgrading the insulation and flooring while thoughtfully preserving certain aspects of the original 727, like using the airplane lavatory and overhead bins as smart space-saving solutions.

The Luxurious Interior

Once the major renovations were complete, Ussery turned her attention to adding luxurious touches and extra comforts to her unique abode. The interior of the Boeing 727 was transformed into three bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and even a laundry room. Surprisingly, she incorporated an oven and a phone, alongside the washer and dryer, making it a fully functional home.

However, the most remarkable transformation was the cockpit, which was converted into a master bathroom fit for royalty, complete with a soaking tub. The cleverly planned layout of this bathroom provided a surreal feeling of floating midair.

A Museum in the Sky

From 1995 to 1999, Ussery enjoyed living in her converted jet, but then she decided to share its splendor with the world by turning it into a museum. Tragically, during transportation to its new location, the plane fell off its carriage and was severely damaged.

A Lasting Legacy

Despite the heartbreaking end to her Boeing 727’s journey, Ussery’s remarkable transformation remains a testament to creativity and resilience. Her ingenuity in turning a decommissioned aircraft into a lavish mansion captured the imagination of many.

The snapshots below serve as a poignant reminder of the incredible home she once created in the sky.

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