Single Dad Adopts 3 Brothers So They Can Stay Together after His Family Tragedy: ‘God Wanted Us to Be Together’

James Smith, a human resources executive at Caesar’s Entertainment, opened up about his journey to becoming a father. He had dreamed of being a father for a long time.

And while it was strongly embedded in his heart that he would realize this dream someday, it was a family tragedy that deepened this desire.

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After losing his father on June 30, 2021, the New Orleans resident knew that as much as he was single, he wanted kids to pass to them his father’s legacy and name.

Smith started the journey to become a father by looking into adoption options, and to his surprise, that is how his dream came true.

How Did Smith Fulfill His Dream?
A month before Smith’s adoption journey began, People Magazine did a feature story about six groups of siblings awaiting adoption in an adoptive home. Among the siblings featured were three brothers Tayveon, 11, Ireon, 10, and Tayvon, 9.

The young brothers lived in Los Angeles and were so used to each other that they didn’t want to be separated upon adoption. Their fear of being separated came after their two younger sisters were adopted by a Nevada couple

Despite the boys being an inseparable trio who would joke around and play sports together, they were sad because they had lived in five foster homes together so far.

Because they had been through so many changes in their early lives, they learned to depend on each other for support. Ireon and Tayvon looked up to their big brother Tayveon, who is strong and kind but can be bossy.

Smith said he goes with his sons to church, or they sometimes grab a bite at Chili’s. Other fun activities the family does to bond include hiking and skateboarding.
Tayveon jokingly said that his brothers were annoying, but he loved them so much. He added that he didn’t want to be separated from them even when they were grown.

A month after People Magazine shared the boys’ story, Smith saw the pictures of the trio on an adoption website. He recalled his reaction, “I was like, ‘Wow, look at these handsome gents.’”

Smith met the boys at a McDonald’s in April 2022 and connected immediately. As per Smith, the case worker had told him that he first had to meet the kids to make sure they liked him before he adopted them.

After the first meet, the four, who now liked each other very much, had a playdate and a sleepover. Smith admitted that their relationship took off immediately.

Benaleta Simpkins, the case worker who was in charge of the process, noted that Smith treated the trio like they were his own kids from the first day.

Simpkins, who worked in the Clark County Department of Children and Family Services, said Smith didn’t make the process about him, and he turned out to be exactly what the kids needed.

Less than a month after their first meeting, the boys moved into Smith’s home as his foster children. They lived together for nine months before the boys officially became Smith’s sons, a case decided upon in a Nevada courtroom.

Thirty of Smith’s friends attended court on that day and cheered as their friend officially became their trio’s father. Smith recalled that the judge was blown away as 30 other friends watched the occasion online.

Tayveon said their home was great. He noted that he and his brothers now live a normal life. He had even started learning how to cook, clean, and do his own laundry.

Ireon agreed with Tayveon that it was great having a family. He added that “we don’t have to go to another house again and again and again.” Tayveon revealed that the best part of them living under one roof was being able to talk, help, and love each other.

How Does the Family Bond?
Smith said he goes with his sons to church, or they sometimes grab a bite at Chili’s. Other fun activities the family does to bond include hiking and skateboarding.

The boys’ two sisters are also now in their lives. Smith ensures his sons bond with their sisters Tayona, 7, and Sha’kyia, 4, at least once a month.

As per Smith, being with children in foster care prepared him for the worst, but he noted that so far, he hasn’t experienced any of that:

“The boys have been amazing and have brought purpose and meaning to my life… It’s like God wanted us to be together.”

Smith, who bought a bigger house so his sons could have more space, said he wouldn’t trade being the trio’s father for anything in the world.


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