Pilot Faces Investigation After Customer Snaps Photo Of His ‘Offensive’ Sticker, Shares It Online

Airline Pilot Under Investigation for Controversial Sticker


Dana Finley Morrison, a Missouri fraternity and sorority worker, recently raised concerns when she spotted an “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker on an American Airlines flight from St. Lucia to Miami. The slogan, known as an anti-Biden cry, originated in September when a Nascar reporter misheard “F*** Joe Biden” chants.

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The Complaint

Morrison took to Twitter to express her displeasure, questioning the airline’s stance on allowing pilots to display “cowardly rhetoric” on their crew luggage while in uniform and about to board a plane. She wasn’t alone in noticing the sticker and being disgusted by it.

Airline’s Response

American Airlines promptly responded to Morrison’s tweet, assuring her that they take such matters seriously and would investigate the situation. The airline has strict policies regarding the display of pins and badges, limiting them to official and preapproved designs. Pilots are allowed to wear a maximum of three pins.

Photo Credit: News Flash – Sound of Hope

Backlash and Hypocrisy

Despite the airline’s response, the incident sparked backlash online, with some arguing that the pilot should be entitled to express his views freely. Critics pointed out what they perceived as hypocrisy, citing the airline’s decision in September 2020 to allow its staff to wear Black Lives Matter pins. At that time, the airline expressed support for equity and inclusion and stood in solidarity with the movement for equality and justice for Black Americans.

Photo Credit: News Flash – Sound of Hope

Differing Opinions

The airline’s handling of this situation has drawn mixed reactions. Some passengers argued that if the airline permits its staff to wear BLM and other political pins, the pilot’s expression of his opinion should also be accepted. On the other hand, others praised the airline’s commitment to investigating the matter, emphasizing the need for neutrality and professionalism in uniform.

Photo Credit: News Flash – Sound of Hope

Identity of the Pilot

As of now, the airline has not disclosed the identity of the pilot in question or whether he will face any disciplinary action for wearing the unapproved item. The situation remains under investigation.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” sticker incident on an American Airlines flight has sparked debates about freedom of expression and the airline’s policies on displaying personal opinions while in uniform. The airline’s response and actions in handling the situation will undoubtedly influence its image and relationship with its passengers. As discussions continue, the airline industry grapples with balancing employees’ rights to express themselves while maintaining a professional and inclusive environment for all travelers.

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