A woman with cancer marries in a hospital, and her spouse falls apart as he looks into her eyes 18 hours later.

“Heather was determined to marry her soul mate.” – Christina Karas, friend and bridesmaid

Heather and David’s love story defied the odds and touched the hearts of many. Their journey began in 2015 when they experienced “love at first sight” during a dance class. Little did they know the challenges that lay ahead.

“I observed her ailment. I could see her hurt, yet she persisted until she married me. How much you can love someone is incredible.” – David, Heather’s husband

In the midst of their blossoming relationship, Heather revealed a potentially malignant lump in her breast. Soon after their engagement, they received the devastating news of an aggressive form of breast cancer with a poor prognosis.

“It was a miracle… She was joyful even as she raised her arms and realized she would perish. She merely desired a party atmosphere.” – Christina Karas

Their wedding plans had to be altered as Heather’s health rapidly declined. On December 22, over a year after David proposed, a poignant wedding ceremony took place in the hospital chapel. Surrounded by loved ones, Heather summoned every ounce of strength to say her vows.

“She was lovely and felt safe.” – David

Despite the sorrow that filled the room, the celebration was filled with love and the knowledge that this would be Heather’s last act of love. Just 18 hours after the wedding, Heather peacefully passed away at the age of 31.

“The world has lost a wonderful person.” – Christina Karas

The funeral, originally planned as their wedding day, was held at the location they had chosen for their nuptials. It was a bittersweet moment as family and friends bid farewell to Heather, a remarkable individual who had touched their lives.

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