Kid Rock Politely Asks Garth Brooks to Leave His Nashville Honky Tonk: “This Bar is For A-Holes”

Just in time for his normal reservation, Garth Brooks arrived to Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk and Rock n Roll Steak House. A statement made by Brooks in 2019 indicates that he is a fan of the restaurant’s prime rib and that he considers it to be “the best in Nashville.”

On this occasion, though, Brooks was greeted with a visit from Kid Rock himself, which came as quite a surprise. “As the owner of this establishment,” he said to Brooks, “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.” This establishment caters to lowlifes. Kid was obviously making a reference to Brooks’ assertion that half of the people in the United States are deserving of the same slur.

Brooks departed the scene without saying a word, which numerous eyewitnesses described as “an emotional withdrawal.” As he left to go for food elsewhere, he did so with tears in his eyes, which were already prone to crying easily.

Kid Rock told the ALLOD journalist Joe Barron, “If we keep letting these woke posers dictate the rules, America is done for.” “It had to be done,” Kid Rock said. “America is done for.”

We tried to get in touch with Brooks, and he returned our phone when he was at Sizzler. He claimed that the cuisine there is “actually much better than the dogfood at Kid Rock’s restaurant.” Brooks refuted the accusation and stated that he had only visited Kid Rock’s residence once “to see what a hack from Detroit with no musical talent was doing in a town like Nashville.” Brooks was referring to Kid Rock.

Brooks stated, “The place smells like Axe Body Spray and meth,” and he went in, had a Bud Light, and then left. He is not telling the truth about whatever he says.

Kid Rock has stated that he intends to make the CCTV footage of the event available in the near future. America, may God bless you.

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