Denzel Washington and his wife Pauletta Washington have been married for decades, but their romance did not begin well after Pauletta rejected Denzel’s proposal twice.

Fans may find encouragement from couples who have made their marriages work in an industry where marriage and quick divorces are the norms. Denzel Washington has been married to his wife, Pauletta Washington, for more than 40 years.

Despite being one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, Denzel has kept his personal life notoriously private, thanks to his captivating and dramatic performances.

The pair has four children in addition to their nearly four-decade-long marriage. But how did this enviable love story begin?

Denzel and Pauletta’s story began in 1977 on the set of the television film «Wilma,» in which Denzel played Wilma Rudolph’s husband and Pauletta played a track star.

However, the «The Equalizer» star claimed that, despite the fact that their paths initially met, they did not pursue a romance right away.

«I met her then, but she wasn’t there.» «I saw her at the time.»

A year later, at a gathering that Pauletta had also attended, the celebrity mentioned going to see a play. And when the lights came back on at intermission, he was astonished, albeit happily, to see her sitting there. He laughed. «She said she just happened to go see the play.»

According to Pauletta’s account of events, a mutual acquaintance invited her to a party, to which Denzel and his friends arrived late. They were reintroduced, and the next night she went to see a play and arrived late.

Pauletta crept in, sat down, and watched the show, entirely oblivious of who sat next to her. However, when the lights came on, she was sat next to her future husband.

They quickly went on their first date; however, there always appears to be a disagreement about who paid for the cab. The actor, on the other hand, was nice enough to reveal that when they got into a cab and drove home, the cab meter continued to rise even as he admitted to Pauletta that he had no money to pay.

He confessed on The Jimmy Kimmel Show that she paid because he had run out of money. That didn’t matter much to the lovers because theirs was a love that transcended monetary obligations.

Denzel thought it was time to propose to Pauletta and make her an honest wife after a period of courting. Denzel’s first and second offers were both rejected by Pauletta. The third time around, however, was the charm, and she said yes, and the pair married on June 25, 1983.

When the actors from «Safe House» and «Genius: Aretha Franklin» promised to be together through thick and thin, money and poverty, health and disease, they meant every word of it, and sooner or later, they would be compelled to prove those words.

Denzel always knew he could count on his wife’s support when things didn’t go as planned, and she has been the wind beneath his wings throughout their marriage.

In fact, Denzel once revealed how much he liked his wife, noting that while his most well-known parts are in dynamic action thrillers and strong dramas, his most significant job is as Pauletta’s husband.

Pauletta, like her husband, created a reputation for herself early in life. She made history by being the first Black contender in the Miss North Carolina pageant. She is also a trained pianist and vocalist. She has also continued to act throughout the years, appearing in «She’s Gotta Have It» and «Steps.»

Despite their joint achievements, they have maintained a happy marriage. When asked what the key to their long marriage was, Washington first quipped, «I do what I’m told.» «I’m keeping my mouth shut!»

He became more reflective after that, appreciating his wife for keeping the marriage together. She was the distinction between a house and a home, and she had made major sacrifices to ensure the success of their union. He disclosed:

«There is a significant distinction between a house and a home.» You can buy a house, but it doesn’t make it a home—that’s not to say a guy can’t make a house a home, but my wife has made our house a home by raising these wonderful children, protecting them, and sacrificing for them. She did all of the heavy lifting.

It also helps that his wife is a fantastic cook who creates scrumptious meals. And if the adage «the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach» is correct, we may see why the marriage has lasted so long.

Despite Denzel’s praise for his wife, Pauletta maintained that her husband’s notoriety and fortune had no bearing on their relationship. He was in the performing scene before she was, and he has continued to advance in the industry, but he has always been present for his family and in his wife’s life.

Denzel believes they had a beautiful marriage because they worked hard for it. He agreed that, like any other married couple, they had their ups and downs, but their intentional commitment to making it work made all the difference.

Their partnership has also relied heavily on a spiritual underpinning. The «Inside Man» star acknowledges that he has received a large number of prayers from two of the most important women in his life and attributes his success to their prayers.

The Academy Award-winning actor has had a busy career, rising from humble beginnings to become one of Hollywood’s most captivating leading men.

He has appeared in action and crime thrillers, prestige dramas, and comedies during the course of his four-decade career. Despite such a wide range of roles, he has remained one of the best performers of his and subsequent generations.

He began his career in the theater, performing off-Broadway before obtaining his first TV part in the hospital drama «St. Elsewhere.» From there, he hit the ground running, taking on more important tasks.

His illustrious career has included parts such as John Creasy in 2004’s «Man of Fire,» Frank Lucas in 2007’s «American Gangster,» pilot Whip Whitaker in «Fight,» and boxer Rubin «The Hurricane» Carter in «The Hurrican,» among many more. Throughout his career, he has received several awards and nominations, including Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and a Tony.

As a result, the actor has established his place as a success legend and is reputedly worth a whopping 190 million dollars. He is also the happy owner of a beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills, California’s ultra-exclusive Beverly Park, where he spends time with his wife and a huge family.

The house is in an expensive area that is also home to a slew of other celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Dwayne «The Rock» Johnson, and Samuel L. Jackson. The actor and his family have lived in the lavish mansion since 1992, when it was purchased for a stunning 2.6 million dollars.

Many celebrities consider their mansions disposable property, but Denzel has owned his for 20 years. It’s simple to understand why. The property has 28,887 square feet of living space, 14 bathrooms, and eight bedrooms.

From the outside, the property is stunning, with thick flora and large green trees around it. A spacious guesthouse and pool are close, and the driveway is centered around a fountain centerpiece. To the side is a full tennis court and beautiful foliage. A beautiful outdoor area is ideal for family cookouts and simply resting with his wife and four children.

Aside from a successful career, a beautiful home, and a long and happy marriage, the actor is thrilled to be the father of four children: John David, Katia, Malcolm, and Olivia.

The actor from «The Little Things» and his beautiful wife welcomed their first kid, John David, on July 28, 1984. In high school, John was an athlete who participated in a number of sports such as football, basketball, and track. In 2006, he graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta.

He continued to play football after college, signing with the St. Louis Rams and the Rhein Fire of Germany. His football career, however, came to an end when the California Redwoods of the United Football League dissolved in 2012. Despite his father’s encouragement, the actor was relieved when his son’s career was cut short. Denzel told People in 2018:

«He’s suffered several concussions, a shattered collarbone, a torn up knee, and an Achilles [tendon] tear.» No, I’m pleased it’s over.»

Fortunately for him, John had a backup plan. He had always aspired to be an actor and had even started as a child actor in «Malcolm X,» a film in which his father also appeared. After his football career ended, John went into full-time acting.

John has appeared in a variety of films throughout the years, including «Ballers,» «Tenet,» «Amsterdam,» and «The Piano Lesson,» among many others. He attributes his parents’ impact on his work, stating that his father has been a tremendous teacher and his mother has been an inspiration to him.

Katia Washington is Denzel and Pauletta’s second child. She graduated from Yale University in 2010 after being born on November 27, 1986. While she leads a quieter life than her siblings, she has followed in the family business and now works as a producer at Bron Studios. Her filmography includes roles in «Sharp Stick,» «Breaking,» «Malcolm & Marie,» and «Fences.»

Malcolm and Olivia Washington are twins and the Washington family’s youngest members. Malcolm, who was born on April 10, 1991, attended Windward School before going on to study cinema at the University of Pennsylvania.

Despite playing basketball at Fordham University, he chose to focus on a career as a film director and producer. He has worked as an assistant director on films such as «The Last Bookstore» and «Trouble Man,» as well as a producer on «Summer of 17,» «The Dispute,» and «North Hollywood.»

Olivia Washington graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in drama. She, like her parents and older siblings, aspired to be an actor. She grew up dancing and playing the piano, but it wasn’t until her junior year of high school that she realized she liked acting more.

Despite having grown up in the industry, she said that she had a fairly normal childhood: «It’s interesting because I think people assume that in my house we discuss ‘the industry,» like at the dinner table or something, but that wasn’t the case.»

Her filmography includes roles in «The Butler,» «A Holiday in Harlem,» and «The Little Things.» She has also appeared on «Mr. Robot,» «Madoff,» and «Empire.» Denzel has frequently lauded his daughter’s acting abilities, stating:

«I’m a dad, so I’ll say it again: Olivia Washington is a fantastic young actress.» She’s come for her brother [John David], who is a really talented young actor.»

Despite the fact that his influence has rubbed off on his children, Denzel claims that his children have kept him grounded and humble. Even though his children are grown, his devotion to family and faith remains unshakeable.

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