Despite the fact that his wonderful wife of 44 years has fought cancer twice, Henry Winkler remains in love with her.

Many people would be surprised to find that, despite having three children and a 44-year marriage, Henry Winkler and his wife almost never saw each other again after their first encounter at a clothing store.

Henry Winkler is best known for his role as Arthur Fonzarelli on «Happy Days,» but he should be recognized for his wonderful marriage to Stacey as well. It’s hard to think they almost never went on their first date.

Most people recognize Henry Winkler from the great roles he has done during his long career. Winkler is most known for his depiction of Arthur «Fonzie» Fonzarelli in «Happy Days,» a character who is still extensively recognized in popular culture today.

Stacey and Henry met while both were working as public relations consultants for a garment company that was a client of Stacey’s firm. When Henry needed help finding a sport coat, he turned to Stacey, and the rest is history.

«She was wearing purple parachute pants and red hair, and I thought to myself, ‘Woah, a lovely woman standing in front of me.’ Henry described their first encounter. She was still there when I came to the store the next week. And in 10 minutes, I discovered how powerful she is.»

Stacey almost declined Henry’s request to go on a date when he returned to the same store a week later for his coat. Of course, she eventually agreed, and they were dating before they realized it.

Stacey and her four-year-old son moved in with Henry shortly before the couple married in 1978.

The couple had to contend with Henry’s growing popularity after marrying at the same Manhattan synagogue where Winkler had his bar mitzvah. Stacey had to deal with the increasing female attention he began to receive on a regular basis.

Stacey noted that despite the couple’s marriage, women continued to approach their spouses. She explained that all she had to do was learn to deal with it, knowing that such attention was a good sign for his profession.

«People would run up to Henry and walk right over my feet,» she explained. ‘You’ve completely destroyed my stockings,’ I exclaimed one day. ‘But I adore Fonzie!’ the woman shouted.

In comparison to future issues, female fans were not a huge concern for the couple.

Henry and Stacey had their daughter Zoey in 1980 and their son Max in 1983, and they lived with their children and careers for many years.

Max Daniel Winkler chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and is now a writer, director, and producer on shows such as «New Girl» and «Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,» among others.

However, in the late 1990s, the family’s fortunes began to collapse. When Stacey was diagnosed with breast cancer, she faced a new challenge.

Stacey recovered quickly from her illness. This went on for a while, until her cancer reappeared in 2007. At the time, she had a double mastectomy and has been cancer-free ever since.

Henry has become quite engaged in breast cancer awareness in order to assist his devoted wife. Winkler was invited to speak at the charity’s 13th annual «In the Pink of Health» Luncheon, one of numerous events held to benefit breast cancer patients and their families.

Before Stacey was diagnosed, Henry was already assisting cancer victims, even taking part in an all-star basketball tournament for the American Cancer Society in 1976.

Through mutual support and respect, Henry and his wife have been able to maintain a long and healthy marriage. Despite the fact that they believe there is more than one reason for their marriage success, they do not keep their love hidden.

On the James Corden show, Henry was surprised by a photo from his and Stacey’s wedding day. Stacey is still as lovely today as she was on their wedding day, according to Winkler.

Henry is not the only one who has publicly proclaimed his feelings for her. Through social media posts and photographs, she constantly displays her support for her still-busy spouse.

While 44 years of marriage is never simple, the couple has been vocal about working together to face life’s challenges.

«It does require effort. «There are bumps in the path, and you get a bit off-kilter,but if you have the skill and the determination to stick to fitness based on love, your friendship and relationship only get better,» Stacey told People.

Winkler and his wife are now looking forward to becoming grandparents. Because his grandparents were all taken to concentration camps during the Holocaust, Winkler loves his ties with his grandchildren.

One of his grandkids recognized him from television, he informed an interviewer. «My wife and I babysat our four-year-old grandson, who is allowed to watch one show before going to bed,» he explained. He had Happy Days recorded on his DVR. ‘That’s you,’ he replied as he turned to face me. Your hair was unusual. You were slimmer back then.»

He claimed that his grandkids were too little to comprehend that he was a renowned actor and that he was just their adoring grandpa, «Papa,» to them, which was enough for him.

For their reality, courage, and love as individuals and as a couple, the two should certainly be an inspiration to the rest of us.

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