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Remembering Raquel Welch: Tributes Pour In for the Iconic Actress
The unexpected passing of legendary actress Raquel Welch on February 15 at the age of 82 has left Hollywood in mourning. Colleagues and fans alike, including Deborah Roberts and Reese Witherspoon, paid heartfelt tributes to the iconic star, remembering her remarkable talent, beauty, and captivating on-screen presence.

A Fond Farewell
“The late Raquel Welch has died. Her charm and beauty lighted up years of movie screens. Incredible life.”

– Deborah Roberts
Deborah Roberts, expressing her sadness, shared a touching tweet following the confirmation of Raquel Welch’s passing. Deborah, who is 82 years old herself, acknowledged the impact Raquel had throughout her career.

“I was shocked to learn about Raquel Welch’s death. I loved working with you on Legally Blonde. She was incredibly sophisticated, capable, and beautiful. Simply breathtaking.”

– Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon, who co-starred with Raquel in the popular movie Legally Blonde released in 2001, also expressed her shock and paid tribute to Raquel’s talent and elegance. Reese reminisced about their time working together and described Raquel as simply breathtaking.

Remembering Iconic Roles
Raquel Welch left an indelible mark on the silver screen, with notable performances in various films and television shows. In Legally Blonde, she portrayed the character Mrs. Windham Vandermark, the mother of Chutney Windham, whose role in the plot takes a surprising turn. The film showcased Raquel’s versatility as an actress.

The Muppets, in a heartfelt tweet, remembered Raquel Welch as one of their favorite guests on The Muppet Show. They fondly recalled her ability to captivate audiences with her talent, even dancing with a large spider and performing a duet with Miss Piggy.

Christopher Meloni, known for his role in Law & Order: Organized Crime, expressed his unique sentiments on Raquel’s passing, describing it as a “really weird sensation.”

Paul Feig, an actor who had the pleasure of working with Raquel Welch on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, expressed his sadness and called her a true icon.

A Legacy Remembered
In an official statement released by Raquel’s manager on February 15, it was confirmed that the iconic actress passed away peacefully in her home after a brief illness. Raquel had an illustrious career spanning over 50 years, starring in more than 30 movies and 50 TV episodes. She also had an association with a well-known wig company in recent years.

Raquel is survived by her two children, Tahnee Welch and Damon Welch.

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