Studies show kids need their grandparents more than we realize

Recent research has shown that grandparents can have a profound impact on their grandchildren’s lives. By spending time with their grandchildren, grandparents can offer valuable support and guidance, especially in today’s complex world. Grandparents possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, having navigated difficult times before, and they know how to handle various situations.

Studies have found that children who have active grandparents in their lives are generally happier and healthier than those who don’t. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that grandparents can provide valuable life lessons and share their wisdom with their grandchildren. Additionally, grandparents are often great sources of humor and can bring joy and laughter to their grandchildren’s lives. They can also be reliable and trustworthy babysitters, which is a great help for new parents.

1. Grandparents foster happiness.
A new study published in The Gerontologist by Sara Moorman and Jeffrey Stokes confirmed that unity between grandparents and adult grandchildren has a significant impact. Their investigation revealed that higher levels of interpersonal affinity between these two groups result in reduced depression symptoms for both.

2. Older relatives may provide a sympathetic ear to children.
Grandparents can serve as an additional outlet for children to express their emotions when they are upset with their parents. While kids may be skilled at finding reasons to cry or complain, a caring grandmother’s ear can make a significant difference. Since children sometimes ignore their parents’ advice, grandparents may be better equipped to provide guidance and feedback that the children will truly take to heart.

3. They serve as a reminder of our family heritage.
Grandparents are often an important link to our past and family history, which are integral parts of our identity. Through sharing stories of their childhood and our ancestors, they help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our heritage, creating a stronger sense of connection to our past.

4. Life lessons are unavoidable.
Grandparents possess a distinct ability to influence the coming generations by passing on the extensive knowledge they’ve acquired throughout their lives. With age comes experience and wisdom, and grandparents have been through it all before. By sharing their own experiences and lessons learned, grandparents can help guarantee that their grandchildren develop into resilient and accomplished individuals.

5. The partnership benefits both sides.

Research has shown that the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is mutually beneficial. Both parties enjoy each other’s company, and children who have engaged grandparents have higher overall well-being than those without this connection. In addition, grandparents who take care of their grandchildren tend to live longer than those who do not have such responsibilities, according to studies.

6. A feeling of stability is essential for youngsters.
As the world continues to rapidly evolve, grandparents remain a constant source of stability. Regardless of the situation, whether it be a parent’s divorce or another difficult circumstance, grandchildren can always rely on their grandparents for love and support. No matter what life brings, grandparents are always just a phone call away, ready to be there whenever needed.

7. We learn to chuckle at little things.
As we age, there are inevitable downsides such as dozing off on the couch, struggling to recall names of places or people, and even losing teeth. However, grandparents have a unique ability to bring a lighthearted perspective to these situations. They are skilled at finding humor in these moments and making light of them. Getting old and facing challenges is a part of life, but grandparents show us that we don’t have to take it too seriously and become bitter.

8. Grandparents make wonderful pals.
While it may be uncommon for children and their parents to consider their grandparents as their closest companions, grandparents have a bit more flexibility in this regard. They don’t need to be as strict as parents. Parents have to worry about school, grades, food, and other such things. Nevertheless, grandparents can provide great company for children without putting too much pressure on them.

9. Mentoring and role modeling come naturally.
Setting an example is considered essential, and grandparents are usually great at it. Many seniors are firm traditionalists who are willing to discuss the importance of moral values and beliefs with you. Grandparents can be great teachers, even if their wisdom may seem a bit outdated at times. You also don’t have to worry about them being inconsistent as they almost always practice what they preach.

10. They tell us about prior fashion.
Seeing our grandparents all dressed up for special occasions is truly wonderful. Nowadays, young people tend to dress very casually, but in past generations, people knew how to dress up for a night out. Even if they were just heading to the local cigar parlor, men would put on their finest suit and bow tie.

11. We also educate them.
While it’s typically the case that grandparents teach their grandchildren, the reverse can also be true, and it’s another great way to strengthen the bond between them. We can introduce them to new technologies, social media trends, or other contemporary cultural phenomena. It’s fascinating to see how receptive grandparents are to learning from younger generations, and they’re never too proud to admit when they’re confused about something.

12. They are concerned about your requirements.
At Grandma and Grandpa’s place, you never have to worry about going hungry. They take care of all your needs, making sure there’s always food on your plate and love in their hearts. And if you need clothing, they’ll provide that too, no questions asked.

13. Grandparents understand how to participate.
An AGA survey revealed that nearly 72% of grandparents consider becoming a grandparent the most significant and fulfilling aspect of their lives. It’s evident that they enjoy participating in their grandkids’ activities, be it attending sports events or baking cookies with them.

14. Living in the present moment is critical.
Grandparents have a unique perspective on time, having witnessed their own children grow up in the blink of an eye. They understand the importance of cherishing the milestones of their grandchildren, who seem to grow up just as quickly. One moment it’s their first birthday, and before you know it, they’re already eighteen years old. Grandparents teach us the value of savoring every beautiful moment.

15. Love is limitless and unconditional.
Everyone needs affection, and grandparents provide an abundance of it without any strings attached. Their love is pure and unconditional, just like any parent’s love for their child. Sadly, some children may not realize the value of their relationship with their grandparents until it’s too late.

So, to answer the original question – why do children need grandparents? While all 15 reasons mentioned are valid, the most crucial one is simply that grandparents are family. And sometimes, that’s reason enough. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate our grandparents for their unwavering love and devotion over the years.

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