Kansas Woman Becomes Third Sister To Turn 100, She Celebrates With Her 104 and 102-Year-Old Siblings

It’s always fun to celebrate your birthday, but there are a few ages that are especially important milestones in a person’s life. There’s a sense of joy that comes with finally being old enough to drive on your own, to vote in your local election or buy products that maybe you weren’t able to before. With each passing year typically comes more independence and a step closer to really finding yourself.

Celebrating these milestones is especially fun with friends and family, which is something that a set of three sisters from Kansas have come to know and love. On Nov. 11, 2021, a woman by the name of Frances Kompus reached a huge milestone as she turned 100 years old. While surpassing a century is an incredible feat in and of itself, what’s even more remarkable is that she’s the youngest sibling in her family to do so.

Her two older sisters, Julia Kopriva and Lucy Pochop, passed the centennial age a few years ago. Kopriva turned 104 years old in November 2021, while Pochop turned 102 years old earlier in June. All three sisters came together to celebrate Kompus turning triple digits at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Atwood, Kansas — the same church where they had all been baptized, confirmed and married. They celebrated with each other, as well as 50 other people.

The most amazing part of this story is the sense of togetherness the siblings have shown, as they have all marveled at the beautiful moments they’ve been able to share with each other over the course of their lives.

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According to USA Today, Kompus celebrated her 100th birthday with her 104 and 102-year-old sisters at the same place where they shared so many wonderful memories together. Talking about her birthday party, Kompus said, “I loved it. It was a good party.”

The three elderly sisters have also witnessed some historic events over the years, both good and bad, including the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl and the first time they were legally able to vote, according to KSN-TV. One might wonder what the secret is to such a long and prosperous life. Kompus credits having a healthy diet and attitude as her personal reasons. She also encourages others to be social, go on walks and “keep going.”

Kompus, Kopriva and Pochop have always been close, and it’s clear that their relationship has only gotten stronger with each passing year. After they all became widows, they moved into adjoining apartments in Atwood. The sisters are so close that they have even been referred to as The Three Musketeers. Kompus always wanted to do whatever she could to “keep up with her sisters,” whether it was working or it was doing something fun.

“I’m thankful for us girls being together all the time,” Kopriva said.

The sisters had some advice for the future generations, encouraging them to eat well, exercise and thank their elders. While becoming a centennial is a milestone in and of itself, what’s even more remarkable is that the sisters don’t even feel like that much time has gone by.

“I don’t think (any of us) feel that old,” Kopriva said.

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