The Love Story Of Michelle Pfeiffer And David Kelly Who Had A Child Two Months After They Met

Relationships have an unspoken script: dating, proposal, wedding, having children and living happily together for many years. The protagonists of this article have a totally different story. Michelle Pfeiffer and David Kelly’s romance is really extraordinary.They met on a blind date.

Michelle Pfeiffer and David Kelly met on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend in January 1993. At the time, Michelle was already a famous actress with 3 Oscar nominations, and David was a successful Hollywood scriptwriter, producer, and 2-time Emmy winner.

Their date wasn’t unusual. Instead of going to an expensive restaurant, they just went bowling. But this romance would completely change their lives that same year.

It’s surprising, but, at first, Michelle had considered introducing David to her sister Dedee. However, the friend who set them up stopped her and said, “Don’t you dare. I am sitting across from your future husband.”

They started their romance by adopting a child.

Their romance started in an unusual way because, at the time of their date, Michelle Pfeiffer was in the process of adoption. But it didn’t matter to David. They were so sure of their feelings that they quickly decided they would raise the child together. Besides, they were both adults ready to form a family and become parents. So, just a couple of months after they started dating, they had their daughter Claudia.

“The adoption process was already in motion when he and I met. So when she came, he and I had only been together for about two months. So we had this child with us right away, and most people don’t have that.

But I really got to see him in a situation that certainly would separate the boys from the men. Obviously, he really rose to the occasion.”

They got married 10 months after the first date.

Their wedding wasn’t the point where their relationship slowed down. On the contrary, 9 months after the ceremony, they had a son named John Henry. It was the moment when Michelle realized that her priorities had changed and she made a pause in her career to focus on her children.

They protect their kids from the attention of the press.

Their relationship attracts almost no attention. Michelle says, “I’m not sure why we were never written about and I’m grateful for it. Perhaps it’s because people think we’re boring. Well, we are!”

But the press is interested in their children, so Michelle and David try to protect their private lives and don’t let them be photographed against their will. And they want the magazines not to differentiate their biological child from the adopted one. They love them equally and feel disappointed when other people try to make distinctions between their children.

They have romantic dates on Saturdays.

Every Saturday evening, Michelle and David have a date. It’s usually dinner and watching a movie together. They started this tradition when they had their daughter Claudia.

Their honeymoon was in full swing and they wanted to keep things romantic, even though they had sleepless nights because of the baby. The habit is still alive and, 29 years later, they still rush to have a date with each other every Saturday.

They don’t want to work together to protect their marriage.

Michelle thinks that one of the secrets of their happy marriage is they have never worked together.

It’s hard to avoid the temptation because David is a famous writer and producer, and she is a talented actress. It would be an obvious suggestion to make a movie together, but Michelle thinks it’s a trap.

“I’ve seen a lot of couples where they seem to have a really great marriage, and then they work together and next year they’re filing for divorce.”

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle says that the main secret of their marriage is pure luck.

For almost 3 decades, Michelle and David have been loyal to each other. A happy marriage has many secrets — Saturday dates, not working together, shared values, mutual respect, and holding hands.

But Michelle thinks that the main secret is pure luck. It was luck that let her and David find each other out of billions of other people on the planet and create a happy family together.

“I chose really well with David. I got really lucky. … I never take him for granted. I’ve never met a person who has more integrity than my husband.

I respect that. There’s his humor and intelligence, too, and he’s really cute, all those things—but if you don’t respect your partner, you’ll get sick of him.”

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