The 1 Million+ view clip that showed Tucker Carlson winning over people who hate him: here’s what Fox lost

Tucker Carlson was more than the highest-rated host in all of cable until his shocking termination by Fox News on Monday.

The 53-year-old media veteran is a father, a husband, and a friend to those who have had the pleasure of knowing him and even a delightful stranger to run into in a park:

But the news legend is also a champion of women, which he recently proved in an interview that shocked many.

In light of his firing by Fox News, it only feels proper that we remember an interview The Western Journal first reported on fewer than three weeks ago — when Carlson was still on the air and during a time when he was unrestrained by TV censors and able to be himself.

In March, Carlson joined the NELK Boys on their “FULL SEND” podcast where he shared insights into his mind and heart that his audience at Fox News rarely got to see. It racked up more than three million views between YouTube and TikTok.

Carlson railed against the media’s censorship and its undue influence on the culture and he also spoke about UFOs and the supernatural.

But in one moment, the conservative thought leader and trailblazer grew incredibly candid as he discussed how important women are, not only to him but to society.

The way he described their subtle nuances was so powerful it went viral weeks after the podcast aired and it earned him appreciation away from his target demographic.

“I like women, actually,” Carlson, who has been accused of being a misogynist for years, said on the podcast. “They’re totally different.”

While he admitted he does not completely understand what they are saying in conversations, he added, “I don’t need to, I’m married to one — for 32 years — I have three daughters.”

“I think they’re, like, fascinating and interesting because they’re so different,” he told the young men who host the podcast. “I listen super carefully to what they say.”

Carlson also didn’t hesitate when he was asked what he has learned about women throughout the decades.

“They’re amazing… They compliment us,” he said. “So, your average young man looks at women, if we’re being totally honest, as like, ‘They’re dumb. They’re easy to fool. I can talk them into sleeping with me.’”

Carlson disputed such assessments because he said those who make them often have not been blessed by the presence of a woman for long enough to learn what makes femininity so special.

“The reason [men] feel that way is because women have a completely different way of seeing the world that’s innate, it’s inherent, their brains are different measurably,” Carlson explained with passion.

He added, “Which is why I hate the trans thing because it’s pretending that some guy, with a male brain who is not at all in any sense a woman, can become a woman with plastic surgery — no. It’s an insult to the complexity and the mystery of women.”

“They’re amazing,” he concluded. “They’re not gonna sit around and dip [tobacco]… but they have all kinds of other crazy insights into people. They force you to think about the world in a really different and really important way.”

Carlson also cautioned spending too much time around women puts men at risk of becoming “wiser.”

When the clip went viral on TikTok, one woman commented, “Wow, I actually like him after this,” while another wrote: “This interview really made me see a different side of him.”

Such comments were seemingly endless.

Carlson has not died and gone to Heaven, nor has he been banished to a gulag.

But he has lost a platform that was incredibly important. That is because Tucker Carlson is an incredibly insightful man.

We’ve seen him go toe-to-toe in some viscous fights throughout the years with some domineering people and then win those fights with superior ideas.

But away from the comfort zone that is an anchor’s chair, Carlson has also shown that he is a person of incredible depth.

Carlson was able to gain new fans earlier this month, away from his normal communication format, simply because he was given an opportunity to be himself.

In his stunning absence from Fox News this evening and every evening moving forward, it is important to remember what kind of person the company decided to cut ties with.

Carlson communicated conservatism in ways that are difficult to do. He challenged conventional thinking for Republicans as much as he challenged the country’s far left.

Other than those who loathe ideas such as national sovereignty, life, liberty, and truth, not a single person is better off today — now that his voice has been effectively silenced.

That is perhaps something we should all remember when we evaluate the company that shut him down with no explanation.

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