Josh Turner’s Sons Become Viral Sensation With Powerful Christian Performance

Josh Turner is known not only for being a country music star, but also for being a man of God. Now, a video is going viral that shows that Josh has instilled his Christian faith on his four sons, Hampton, Colby, Marion, and Hawke.

The boys recently took the stage to give a gospel performance that is stealing the hearts of internet users everywhere.

Josh has been a devout Christian for his entire life, and he has never let his fame and fortune get in the way of his relationship with God. It’s no surprise that he’s raised his boys to be believers as well and sing His praises too.

When the Turner family was given the chance to record an album at the famous Gaither Studios in Alexandria, Indiana, they did not hesitate to jump at the chance. Tons of fans came to watch the four boys perform, and though they were nervous, they were able to sing beautifully!

It’s incredibly powerful to watch these four boys praise God with their music.

Social media users can’t get enough of their performance.

“Some fine looking children!! So well behaved and worshipping the Lord. God knows, we need more of this! Some good parenting here,” one social media user wrote, another adding, “There is nothing more precious than children singing praises—so important for the next generation to prepare their lives to serve our Lord.”

“Great song with a great message,” wrote a third user. “A song like this written by a child (young man) this age with a little help with his mom is amazing. Josh and Jennifer has instilled a true sense of God and the Gospel in their boys. As a side note all four can really sing.”

Check out their performance yourself in the video below!

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