Kathy Lee Gifford Reveals She’s In A ‘Really Special Relationship With Somebody’ Six Years After Husband’s Death

It’s been six years since Kathy Lee Gifford’s beloved husband Frank passed away, and it appears that she has finally found love again.

While appearing on the “Today” show on Friday, Gifford, 67, revealed that she is in a “really special relationship with somebody that is nice and fun and healthy.”

“It’s just happy, and I don’t want to mess it up, and I probably already have by just even mentioning it,” Gifford said. “To be in a place where you feel like every aspect of your life is good, that nothing’s missing, that’s a beautiful place to be. I’m just so grateful.”

While Gifford would not reveal his name, she did say that “he’s the smartest person [she’s] ever met, and he’s funny.”

“We have a great time together, and so, at this point in my life, that’s exactly what I need and exactly what I want, you know?” she said. “Different seasons of life — we weren’t meant to know each other before, it’s right now. We don’t know what the future holds at all, but we’re having fun today.”

Gifford had said in 2019 that she had started going on dates again, but hadn’t found the right person yet.

“You don’t find love. Love finds you,” she said at the time. “It hasn’t found me yet.”

“I’ve had a couple of dates, and I’ve had some fun,” Gifford explained. “Everybody goes dancing and to music festivals and stuff like that, but no, that hasn’t happened yet. I’m not sure it ever will again. I’m not online; I’m not looking for it. I never go out and say, ‘Gee, maybe today’s the day.’ It’s not like that.”

Gifford also told Extra back in September that she had been dating “a little bit” but hadn’t been “successful.”

“Oh, I got some gams. That’s about all I’ve got left,” she teased. “I still have my teeth, but I’m just looking for a guy that’s got real teeth. That’s it.”

Gifford and her husband Frank had been married for 29 years before he passed away in 2015 at the age of 84.

“Our almost 30-year marriage was a real love affair and a true marriage in every sense of the word, so God redeemed,” Gifford said recently.

We would like to wish Gifford the best of luck with her new relationship, and we’re so happy that she seems to have found love again!

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