After Her Famous Ex-Husband Left Her For Another Star, Barbra Streisand Found True Love At The Age Of 55.

The actress Barbra Streisand was a hopeless romantic at heart and would have done everything for the man she loved, despite the fact that she had a reputation for being as tough as a nail. The singer, however, was left in absolute devastation when her actor lover broke up with her in order to remarry his ex-wife.

At the Christmas party that actor Don Johnson hosted in Red Mountain near Aspen, he introduced singer Barbara Streisand to him, and the two hit it off immediately. Their instant connection caught many people off guard, particularly due to the fact that they were both well-known for their egos.

Barbra was known for having a reputation for being extremely strict, whereas Don had a reputation for being obstinate. Barbra was eight years older than Don. It is incredible that despite their respective reputations, they seemed to have an interest in one another.

The 14th Annual NATO/ShoWest Convention was held at Bally’s Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 24, 1988. | Image Courtesy of Getty Images Don Johnson and Barbra Streisand attended the event.

Following their first meeting, the pair made their first public appearance together at the Tyson vs. Holmes boxing event, when they were seen looking very in love and holding hands. After that, the singer brought him to her house in Malibu, where her Korean chef cooked a special meal for Don that included spaghetti topped with lobster and garlic sauce. Don was really impressed with the meal.

Following his departure at about midnight, the actor had been there for almost four hours. After that, the pair went to Las Vegas, where they attended a basketball game between the Lakers and the Sonics as well as an awards ceremony for the film business.

Barbra was notorious for her ability to fall head over heels in love, and she would do everything for the guy she loved, despite the fact that she had a reputation for being as tough as nails. Don was impressed by the vocalist despite the fact that they looked to be an odd pair together.

Barbra was also assisting Don with some Hollywood contacts, and it seemed as if the pair was working toward something significant and long-term in the relationship. There were even rumors flying around about the two lovers getting hitched. But it didn’t end up happening since Don took an unexpected detour in the other direction.


The relationship between Don and Barbra seemed to have all the makings of a page-turning love story. The reason for this is because they had such a strong crush on one other.

She went as far as recording a duet with Don entitled “Till I Loved You,” which was met with negative reviews from music reviewers. But who cares about that? She was in a relationship and free to act whatever she pleased. According to a close friend of the singer’s for a very long time:

“She was completely and utterly obsessed with the man, and why shouldn’t she have been? Don stood out from the other people in the group. He was the one man she didn’t feel comfortable sharing anything with.”

On closer inspection, however, nothing was as it looked at all. People who resided in Aspen, which Don had formerly called home, saw that the actor was in a relationship with someone else at the same time as he was seeing Barbra.

On other weekends, Don would have Barbra over to his home, but on other weekends, the actor would be seen out and about with a another beautiful young woman, who no one knew to be his girlfriend. Despite this, Barbra continued to pursue the connection, and she even entertained the idea of purchasing an apartment a few of streets away from Don’s home for a million dollars.

Despite this, a few months into their relationship, Don had already restarted his previous romance with the actress Melanie Griffith. When they first met, he was 22 years old, and she was just 14 years old. Both Melanie and he found themselves falling immediately in love with the other. She moved in with him in a leased house in Laurel Canyon when she was 15 years old.

They announced their engagement on Melanie’s 18th birthday and went on to wed the following year in 1976. Despite this, the couple’s marriage only lasted for a little over a year before it ended in divorce.

Don and Griffith resumed their romance at the time when the actor was also seeing Barbra, several years after they had previously been married and spent years working their way up in Hollywood.

Don spent some time with both Melanie and Barbra, but on Valentine’s Day he revealed to Melanie that he and she were going to have a child, putting a stop to the rumors that he was having an affair with either of them.

On top of all of that, he proposed to Melanie with a diamond ring that was four carats in weight. Melanie had reportedly had a long-standing desire to get pregnant by Don’s offspring, and the pair was overjoyed at the prospect that their wish might finally come true. Barbra was left feeling very, very sad as a result of Don’s romance and engagement to Melanie. Barbra had fallen completely in love with Don and had been engaged to him.


Christine Peters, the mother of Barbra’s godchildren, arranged for the two of them to go on a blind date six years after Don Johnson had broken Barbra’s heart. Christine shared with Barbra, 55, information about James Brolin and how, in her opinion, the two of them would get along well.

However, the singer was not persuaded, and she cited the fact that her hectic schedule may be a barrier to any potential romantic involvement. James was a fan of the singer and had saw her perform on two previous occasions, once at a luncheon and once at the Oscars.

Barbra gave in to his request and agreed to meet him at a dinner party. She did not have any preconceived notions about what would transpire between them, so she reassured her editors that she would eventually leave the meal and come back to them. When Barbra first saw James, she was surprised to see that he did not have a beard and that he had a shaved head rather than the brown hair and beard she had anticipated seeing.

James had recently gone natural, which included shaving off the majority of his hair, giving up colouring his gray hair, and shaving off most of his beard. After that, the singer approached him, put her hands on his head, and inquired as to what had happened to his hair.

Although it took the singer a few days to realize that James was the love of her life, he understood as soon as she questioned him about the hair that she was talking about him being her soul mate. They were interested in one another, and as a result, Barbra needed to contact her editors to let them know that she would not be coming back.

While James was in the Philippines working on the set of a movie, he called Barbra in the United States almost every day, spending practically all of the money he had. After he had returned, they were standing much closer to one another. Barbra and James decided to be married on July 1, 1998, exactly two years after the mutual friend had put them up on a blind date.


In Hollywood terms, Barbra and James have been blissfully married for nearly two decades, which is the equivalent of a century. The actor said that one of the key reasons they have been together for such a long time is because both of them are skilled negotiators.

In situations in which the couple is unable to find a middle ground, they will contact a third party and ask for their perspective. Additionally, the pair finds that being polite to one another and actively listening to one another is quite helpful. On other occasions, a session with a marital counselor might assist the couple in working through their difficulties.

The couple’s connection became deeper and more committed during the COVID-19 confinement. James and Barbra, in contrast to other couples whose relationships became worse with time, found that they fell in love with one another all over again.

In addition to that, the pair enjoys surprising one another every once in a while. James would surprise her on occasion by purchasing a piece of jewelry or food that she normally would not purchase for herself, for example.

James complied with Barbra’s specific request for a Cartier watch to be given to her as a gift on the occasion of her 80th birthday. The actor claims that everything between them is just as it should be.

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