The last Elvis performance was mostly unknown until now: listen to the amazing recording…

One of Elvis Presley’s final live concerts was in 1977, and he sang a brand-new song. Its title was “Unchained Melody,” he informed the spellbound crowd, and it will make its debut on his upcoming album. Elvis was in poor condition, but he still found time to joke about in between songs.
As Charlie Hodge, Elvis’ guitarist, fumbles to grasp Elvis’ scarf and microphone, you can hear titters of amusement coming from the audience in the film of this 1977 concert, which is embedded below.
By 1977, his physique had been severely damaged by years of abusing prescription medications and bad habits. He suffered from excruciating stomach problems, high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, and an enlarged colon. Despite the fact that his health issues had not diminished his popularity, Elvis decided to go on a lucrative tour.

Despite Elvis’ failing health, according to Smooth Radio, his manager Colonel Tom Parker chose to record the performance for a TV broadcast. The special wouldn’t debut until two months after Presley’s passing, which was unfortunate. By that time, his symptoms of ill health—such as his shortness of breath and his sluggish movements—would appear like depressing portents of his imminent demise.

Elvis sings into the microphone like it’s his final song as Charlie Hodge holds it to his lips. Although Elvis couldn’t have known how close to death he was, this performance serves as a fitting capstone to his illustrious career.

Elvis had five more dates on his tour after this performance. On June 26, 1977, he performed his last. The King of Rock sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as his farewell song at Indianapolis’ Market Square Arena.

These last concerts of Elvis Presley show off his talent, passion, and charisma even if his life ended shortly after. It’s difficult to ignore his untamed emotional strength when you watch the video for “Unchained Melody.”

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