Rittenhouse Donates Goldberg’s Lawsuit Money to Patriot Prayer

If you’ve haven’t heard by now about the lawsuits filed by Kyle Rittenhouse against talk show host and movie personality Whoopi Goldberg, they are substantial. For all of her hate speech on television’s The View, it’s costing her millions in recompense.

Rittenhouse, however, is still pretty young, and not used to having any real money or moral turpitude, and has donated a large amount of that racist’s money to Patriot Prayer, a charity organization that fights against the fascist liberal left. It’s often called the “Anti-Antifa.”

Judge Joe Barron, when adjucating the case, noted that “several laws about libel and defamation and nasty talk in general have been broken here,” and immediately rewarded Kyle with eleventy-million dollars.

Clete Torris, the head baseball bat organizer for Patriot Prayer, says that Rittenhouse has already paid for quite a few steak and lobster dinners, hot tub vacations, and stand-up arcade style “Robotron” machines.

“He’s really helped the organization more than I can even explain. I mean, before he and his sweet sweet money came along, we all lived in a phone booth down by the garbage dump. And the phone didn’t work. We all pooped in coffee cans.”

Pooping or not, it really sounds like a great place for that Goldberg Gold to go. Good on ya, Kyle.

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