Guy Lives In An Invisible ‘Mirror Cabin’ That Changes Depending On The Season

When you design a structure, may it be a home, office, or building, you need passion and inspiration.One must be in tune with their inner artist for them to create a masterpiece such as the Arcana.Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives found one of the most beautiful escapes you can find in the modern world.

The arcana cabin is two hours away from the northwest of Toronto. It is situated on naturally forested land.However, the owners of the cabin do not disclose the exact location to the public. They would share the exact location once the booking has been confirmed.What makes this cabin unique is that it’s made of reflective steel.

This means the look of the cabin changes throughout the day and each season.

Because of its mirrored exterior, you will enjoy the cabin’s reflection of its surroundings.

The best part is that it changes with the seasons.
Aside from that, they have an immense window in the cabin, a canvass that no man can paint.

Each time you wake up, you will be greeted with the beauty of nature.
Once you go inside the cabin, you will love how simple the design is. According to the cabin host, this is what they wanted, to have a cabin where Scandinavian meets minimalism.

Michael Leckie, from Leckie Studio in Vancouver, was the brilliant designer of this tiny 200-square-foot cabin.

Once you enter the cabin, you’ll love how they made use of every space available.
You’d appreciate the gorgeous maple walls and the stainless steel accents that make this cabin the perfect home in the forest.
We love how it has a full kitchen, complete with a mini fridge, storage spaces, oven, and a stove.

Everything runs on electricity.
They filter the water through a local well, so that’s great too. If you have other frozen goods that won’t fit into the freezer, there’s a cooler outside where you can store food.
There is also a maple dining table built with the headboard of the bed. You would notice that there is uniformity, yet there are minor details in the design that points to the separation of space.

Under the bed, you will find enough storage for your clothes. There are also USB cables on the side of the headboard.
Upon checking in, they will give you eye masks and a card. They would ask the guests to put the eye masks on and start a sound journey.

Take it as your first journey to release stress and be in tune with your new surroundings.

The window is about 9 1/2 by 6 feet, allowing you to indulge in the beauty of nature. You take on a journey that you will never forget.

As you check the bathroom, you’ll appreciate the stainless sink, heated floor, and shower.

It has a big mirror, and we love how the natural light comes in.
You might wonder why there are patterns on the reflective steel, and you might ask, why not remove them and completely turn them into mirror steel?

The answer here is simple: this is to prevent their neighbors, and by that, we mean birds and other wild animals from running into it by accident.

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